Recently, Nike released a new cushioning technology, Nike joyride run FK. The sole is equipped with three-stage joyride cushioning technology, through which you can see the cushioning particles filled in the front, middle and back of the sole. Unique foot feel is worth experiencing.

 Nike Joyride Run FK-White/Lightblue

The unique feature of the Nike joyride run FK is the placement of TPE particles in the midsole, each of which has been precisely studied. TPE particles will be divided into different areas in each part of the sole, and different numbers of TPE particles will be placed in different parts of the foot. These TPE particles can freely extend and move in all directions when contacting the ground, which Nike calls "multiple spatial displacement".


In the process of wearing, everyone can get the most suitable feeling of wearing feet according to their habits of walking and running. Among them, the new Nike joyride run FK will be the first pair of running shoes with joyride technology. The combination of flyknit woven upper and joyride will make the design interesting and have a strong sense of technology.