For the nike lebron 15 series, the release of new products is always very much expected. Whether you are a James fan or not, you would like to have a pair of nike lebron 15

 Nike LeBron 15-White/Gold

How about nike lebron 15 low white

This pair of shoes seems to follow the rough style of 15 generations at a glance. The woven fabric is thick and the overall shape of the shoes is strong and mellow, just like James's own physique. The upper is still made of battleknit + Flywire, which is customized for Zhan Huang himself, to achieve a high-level power wrapping. The forefoot is zoom and the back is max air, which is the classic James low top signature shoe. The arch of the foot is slightly dented, not a whole sole is flat, but not so James.


The inner beauty of nike lebron 15 low shoes is affected by the redundant logo. I don't know why Nike is so insecure. I need to add another logo on the inner side of the foot, but I think that position can be more concise. Other visible is 5 lace holes, actually 1 less than the high top, that is to say, less ankle wrapping. A sponge in the heel can't increase the sense of wrapping. It's a little useless.


The TPU encircling design in the heel of nike lebron 15 low is no longer available compared with the high top version. The support is placed inside the woven fabric, and the outside is the direct midsole cushioning. The leather lifting ring design has been preserved, and it is more comfortable to wear and take off shoes.


Because it's a traditional zoom + Max configuration, and there's also something to prevent rollover and so on. This pair of shoes is not inferior to the definition of a pair of low top basketball shoes. Can play health ball, even if the fierce game. People with wide feet wear them in, like me, without any pressure. The two sides will protrude a little bit, but within the acceptable range.


Nike lebron 15 low cushioning. I don't have to say anything about it. It must be good. Forefoot is basically a little bit of regional cushioning, mainly based on zoom power ejection. Generally speaking, it's a very beautiful and cheap nike basketball shoes