Appearance of shoes

Tonight's real protagonist is this pair of Nike kobe11 with the color of "Achilles heel". Actually, I like the excessive black and red color of the whole pair of shoes very much. It's still pleasing to my eyes. The asymmetric design of left and right heels also has different meanings. The four bright red lines symbolizing the four inch Achilles tendon suture and the symbol of Achilles on the right foot complement this asymmetry. The overall feeling of shoes is simplicity. You say that she is not like basketball shoes or football shoes. Sometimes she is like a photograph. It's a good thing to do some subtraction properly.

 nike Kobe 11 Elite Low-Red/Black

Cushioning and feel

Since the 7-generation Kobe signature shoes, Nike has tried this kind of embedded midsole design, but kobe10 has restored the traditional design combination of the outsole. This time, Nike kobe11 returned to the built-in route of the midsole, using the whole Lunarlon damping foam. The forefoot is similar to the free cutting hexagon matrix block, and the single Zoom Air cushioning unit is used in the heel. Compared with my previous kobe10 and kobe 9, it is more flexible, light, and resilient. 

Different from kobe9 only using Lunarlon, or kobe10 adding a slightly thicker zoom air, Nike kobe11 gave me the feeling of the thickness of the midsole is quite appropriate, the fat and thin are appropriate, the forefoot is soft and the ground is just right, so that I didn't have any feeling of procrastination when dribbling through.

The front and back height of the entire insole will have a transition from low to high, and the arch also has a small support bulge. The Lunarlon of the forefoot is just right soft, and the zoom air of the back foot is in place in terms of power generation support and cushioning feedback, but it appears in time when you need it. It doesn't feel like a slight shock when you can't step on max.


Shoe upper Technology

The flyknit 2.0 knitting technology is used in all Nike kobe11 generation vamps, and TPU thermoplastic fiber similar to fish thread is integrated into the woven vamps. Because of the lack of interlining, the first feeling of the vamps is that they are not as thick as my 10 generation elite, but in fact, they will not lack the stability and support of silk like the 8 or 9 generations.

TPU "fish thread" integration may be really quietly integrated into the vamp, which makes flyknit weaving technology take a small step forward. I really feel that the vamp of this pair of shoes has good firmness and flexibility, and the feeling of moistening the material is silent. It's really comfortable to care for you all the time, but it doesn't remind you to pay attention to it Compared with the kobe10 generation vamp, we have these feelings.

As an old fan of Kobe Bryant for nearly 20 years, I think it's a happy thing to have such a pair of nike kobe 11 to accompany him through the last season. When Kobe's career is cut to the end, our fans love him not by subtraction, but by adding or multiplying the black mamba.


Finally, to give Nike kobe11 a final evaluation, I think it should be these eight words: heavy sword has no front, big coincidence does not work. It is not dazzling, but it can see some real chapters in the actual combat.