On September 24, lebron james shoes 17, Nike's 17th generation signature shoe, began to be released. It's still a familiar shape, with Nike's most dominant technology configuration. However, as the new season is about to start, the actual basketball shoes of various brands will be released in a blowout way. Does lebron james shoes 17 still have a foothold this year? What is the performance of lebron james shoes 17?

 Lebron James Shoes 17

Start with the appearance. These lebron james shoes 17 look familiar because they don't change much compared with previous generations of James series. In this evaluation, lebron james shoes 17 in black and purple color is used. The upper is made of a new upgraded knitposite woven material, and then hard support is added to the upper material. The coverage effect is stronger and stronger. After the upper foot is put on, it can produce obvious package differences with previous generations.


Pattern By black, purple, gold, white four colors interweave dragon scale pattern, highlight the sense of hierarchy.


The most eye-catching detail on the appearance of lebron james shoes 17 is the three-dimensional relief lion head pattern on the tongue, which represents James. Combined with the reflective function of some uppers, this pair of shoes is particularly "radiant".


In addition to the new knitposite weaving technology, the most noteworthy selling point of this lebron james shoes 17 is the largest air max unit in the whole series. In the midsole of lebron james shoes 17, there are two 15 mm thick zoom air units on the inside and outside of the forefoot, and a huge exposed purple max air unit in the heel. It can be said that the cushioning performance of lebron james shoes 17 is no less than that of any basketball shoes on the market.


Lebron james shoes 17 has a stable TPU design from the outside of the forefoot to the surrounding of the heel. In addition, the rubber protruding from the forefoot to the outside of the back palm of the outsole provides a certain anti rollover effect, so the safety performance is stronger than that of the previous generation


Lebron james shoes 17 has irregular patterns on the sole, different density in different positions, and James' signature is also printed on the back part of the sole. It is found that the traction of lebron james shoes 17 is improved compared with that of the previous generation.


In general, lebron james shoes 17 is a very good basketball shoe, and it's the cheap nike basketball shoes.