How to choose the right cheap nike running shoes for you.

Running shoes, also known as sports shoes, can be divided into three categories according to the needs of biomechanics: providing shock absorption, providing stability, and providing motion control. A running shoe that provides shock absorption, usually with a soft sandwich sole, which helps the foot to bear even force during movement and helps the foot to absorb shock. Shoes are usually lighter 

Which kind of cheap nike running shoes is suitable for you? It requires you to know your foot type and gait type before you can make a conclusion.

The human foot usually has a normal curved arch structure, which we call "arch". As a wet footprints test, there will be a missing footprints in the middle. According to the size of the missing part, the human foot can be divided into normal foot type, flat foot type and bow foot type.

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Foot type of wet footprints

Step your right foot with water or ink on a piece of white paper. Find the widest points on both sides of the footprints and draw two parallel lines vertically. Find the point closest to the right vertical line on the arc of the missing part in the middle of the footprint, and draw a vertical line through this point. Area a on the left and area B on the right. Determine the foot type according to the proportion of a and B areas.


Normal foot type

A. The proportion of zone B is close to 2:1.

Features: in the process of movement, this foot type usually lands on the ground with the outside of the foot, and the ankle will slightly bend inward, so as to effectively absorb the vibration.

The most suitable running shoes: running shoes that can provide certain stability.



Generally speaking, a pair of feet with normal biomechanical arch do not need to wear shoes to improve exercise control.

Flat foot: the proportion of area a and B should be less than or equal to 1:1. Area a is smaller than normal footprints.

Features: the arch is very short, and the footprints look like the whole sole of the foot. When running, the foot usually lands on the outside and the ankle shows excessive outward bending. After a long time, there will be different degrees of fatigue damage.

The most suitable running shoes: control arch drop, firm sole, can provide motion control, or high stability running shoes.

Caution: avoid running shoes with good shock absorption effect, because they will be relatively lack of stability.

Arch foot: the proportion of a and B areas should be greater than 2:1. Area a is larger than that of normal foot.

Features: footprints show a narrow impression. There is no zone B for serious cases. This kind of foot is usually in the external rotation state, which has better flexibility, but the arch itself can not provide enough shock absorption.If you.

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