Today's assessment is Kobe 12 generation boot---Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes


2016 is a very important year for all Komi. Bryant's retirement, announced the end of a career as a superstar, many people sigh. With the release of the Nike "fade to black" series of suits, Kobe Bryant's all series boots have once again been brought into people's vision, and countless people are crazy about it. The short sale in the primary market and the high price in the secondary market prove Kobe's strong influence in the world. Even Kobe ad.

 nike kobe 12

So, as the inheritance of Kobe spirit, where will kobe shoes go in the post Kobe era? In what form will we face you? These questions, in November, nike kobe 12, we finally waited for the answers.


"Ad" represents the meaning of "the first year". Bryant himself said that if you are an active player, you can use 11, 12 or 13 to indicate that you can, but you have quit the court, you should use a new name to represent the beginning of a new stage, of course, you can also call it nike kobe 12.It's Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes.


When it comes to Kobe ad, it's "the same formula, the same taste". First of all, the technology used in the shoe: the upper still uses the Kobe series of conventional engineered mesh, which is what we usually call the engineering mesh (the abbreviation em in the Kobe series refers to this). To match the upper, EM's old partner, fly wire, also appeared. This time, the midsole is presented on the shoe in the way of a full-length lunar + zoom unit in the back. This is a great Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes.