As a pair of signature shoes, KD11 achieves the popularity and performance of the 11th generation. The KD boots have been changed and ushered in the outbreak. This pair of KD11 is different from the past, more introverted and low-key.

The upper of the shoe is made of blue-green two-color weaving. The middle upper is easy to wear and take off. The heel is made of suede material and embroidered with KD logo. There are punch designs around it. The punch is connected by the numbers "35" and Nike swoosh, and the details are full of surprises. With the new Nike react cushioning technology and the combination of full-length zoom air, the performance of this pair of shoes has a qualitative leap.

kd 11

The blue upper is a one-piece flyknit woven upper with an extra TPU at the toe. Flywire forms the laces system.

The crystal outsole is eye-catching, with TPU reinforcement on the side of the toe cap, a small Swoosh on it, and the letter KD embroidered on the blue leather on the heel. 

The heel is almost made of a whole piece of leather. The leather extending upward forms a lifting ring, which is convenient to wear and take off. The midsole without complete package is very distinctive.

Primeknit technology is used to create the upper to give the foot full flexibility when providing a full fit.

Flyknit upper and inner boot design can perfectly cover the forefoot and arch position, and the heel is filled with thick foam to improve the wrapping, which is outstanding overall.

Two cushioning technologies, react and zoom air, have been adopted. They have combined to bring unprecedented cushioning experience. You can feel the soft bounce when you walk.

The dual cushioning of the original react foam and zoom air gives the KD11 sufficient soft elasticity and cushioning to meet the needs of sports.

On the whole, the KD11 performance is very good. It's a good choice whether it's on the playground or out of the street in daily match.