When LeBron 15 basketball shoes is infused with other interesting souls of shoes


First of all, the author is not ghost in the shell powder. Comparatively speaking, the profound Neon Genesis Evangelion and the world view built by Ono Xiuming are my dishes. But for the "attack shell", for the creation and interpretation of Shi Lang Zhengzong and several great gods of the guard of the well on this subject, we always pay homage to them. After all, for a work's attitude, "like" and "good" are two concepts. You can dislike something, but you can't "selectively blind" to deny its advantages; you can't love it, but you can't deny its "good".


Just like our cognition and likes and dislikes of some players and sneakers, the reason why there is the irreconcilable situation between "honey and black" is the lack of this most basic and objective communication attitude. No matter it's a person or a pair of shoes, it's impossible and there's no need to satisfy everyone. Like LeBron James and his nike lebron signature shoes. But this time, Nike's idea of playing on the LeBron 15 basketball shoes is very flattering. This is a pragmatic attitude of creation - can't surpass? Then "flattening" is OK.


If the previous "what the" series is a high-speed road connecting two cities not far away from each other on the map, then the "watch program" series is a state highway with all directions. It must be admitted that the LeBron 15 basketball shoes is lucky because Nike has opened a "free door" for it to go to many different time and space. The watch program got its name from LeBron's own TV broadcasts and programs when he was a teenager. He admired and admired many of Nike's classic shoes and famous spokesmen in the 1990s.


"When I was a kid, it was these athletes and shoes that inspired me to pursue my dreams and one day become a great professional athlete like them." LeBron explains why the watch program series was born.


Perhaps for today's shoe designers, it's becoming more and more difficult to design a shoe that most people think is not bad. Of course, if you are in the shoes designer's position, you may also say something similar in an interview: "the most difficult thing for a designer to surpass is actually himself". But in fact, everyone knows that when an industry or a field develops and accumulates to a certain scale, the difficulty of "Surpassing" will increase, "surpassing yourself" is of course important, but it may be after you reach a standard and catch up with many "others" in the past.


But the world view of ghost in the shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion gives people a new possibility. When "being" and "subjective consciousness" are solved to form the relationship between body and soul, many things will become clearer. Putting a thing into a carrier not only increases the possibility of the thing itself, but also allows more people to understand and accept it. In such an era when everything is running at a high speed, since there are ways to achieve this effect, why not? So, LeBron 15 basketball shoes, they came out

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