From last year, the LeBron series officially played hybrid and gave a name of LeBron watch. We see that the design inspiration of classic running shoes, comprehensive training and other styles is presented to us with the carrier of the original style.


With the foreshadowing before, it is easier for us to understand why the special version of the LeBron 16 low basketball shoes appears today. In fact, in a strict sense, it's not a real cooperation version, but it's just a design inspiration from the don't want atmos air max 1. However, it's OK to say that it's nothing to do with atmos. After all, the color inspiration is used and the same color transformer is used to set off the atmosphere when it's sold in the shop of atmos in Japan. In fact, it's quite out of my heart. I also got rid of my friends to help buy one back and share it with you later.


The LeBron 16 low basketball shoes is made of orange suede, which is similar to the atmos air max It's the same, but the designer presents it in a garter way and adds a zipper design to the instep. I still want to admire his creativity here. If you hold the object in your hand and play with it, you will find that the whole shoelace system is quite complex. Starting from the regular shoelace hole on the instep, the shoelace passes through the two sides of the zipper respectively. Although this design is ingenious, it also increases the difficulty of binding Coefficient, it is still more troublesome to wear. Here, I want to make complaints about it.

 Nike LeBron 16 Low-Orange/Gray

With the zipper open, we can see the retro logo of NSW series on the top of the tongue and the words "air max" under it. Small details reflect the inspiration of color matching and echo the theme.


The Swoosh logos on the inside and outside of the LeBron 16 low basketball shoes are similar to those of atmos air max 1. They are designed in different colors. Of course, the most obvious logo on the upper is the unique pattern of safari, which is the soul of the whole pair of shoes.


I won't talk about the configuration of shoes here. After all, it's the same as the regular LeBron 16 basketball shoes, which hasn't appeared in many years. Before that, LeBron's current generation of low-end gangs used the old background or changed other configurations. This time, it's also gratifying that it's the same as the version of the middle-end gangs. Coupled with the unique appearance design, it can be regarded as leisure sports.


Of course, as I said in the program, this year's LeBron watch is still going on. After all, it's just three pairs. What's going to happen later? Let's wait and see.

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