One afternoon during the off-season


When LeBron James lies in the palm shade of Los Angeles


Reminisce about the sweet or bitter experiences of recent seasons


Looking at Anthony Davis and LeBron James shoes 17


The future seems to be bright again


The new lebron james shoes 17 is now available


I believe that everyone is the same as us. When we see these lebron james shoes 17,


A sense of familiarity and freshness welled up in my heart.


This pair of emperor's new boots inherits the lineage of LeBron series kings,


But it can form a school among many classics,


Today, let's take you to the lebron james shoes 17!


In recent years, as a new flyknit material added to the LeBron series, from the 15th generation of battleknit that we met officially, as an evolution of flyknit, the toughness and firmness of this material has been highly recognized by LeBron himself, and then in the 16th generation of Nike, an upgraded version of battleknit 2.0 was put forward. In the 17 generations, they further upgraded the Battleknit. As the name implies, Knitposite is the combination of Foam and knit to strengthen the protection of the upper and provide a stronger upper for Lebron.


As the first exposed gray and white color, it has continued a color language since the 15th generation. From the 15th generation, inspired by the burnt jerseys, "in the After "arena" color matching, we have used super monster Godzilla to describe Nike's latest vamp technology. In the 17th generation, the grainy and scaly texture of this monster's skin is stronger. The hardness of Godzilla's skin is not only reflected in the appearance, but also more similar in the feel!


The huge LeBron lion head logo on the tongue is solemn and powerful, and the golden pupil is undoubtedly the finishing touch! The overall structure of the tongue continues the style of the 16th generation, but this time Nike superimposed a part of the tongue structure with the knitposite of the upper, improving the binding performance and making the structure of the upper clearer. Speaking of the lion head logo, the last time it appeared on the tongue or on the LeBron 8, the logo of lebron james shoes 17 is larger and more three-dimensional. The 330 and 213 below are the area codes of James' hometown Akron and new City Los Angeles, respectively. The purple embroidery of the crown logo is placed at the bottom, which can be revealed from the space between the laces!


In addition to the large-scale upgrade of the upper, another focus of nike lebron james shoes 17 is the change of Zoom Air cushioning form. With the use of zoom pods in the forefoot and air max 270 in the back, LeBron has more customized cushioning. The lebron james shoes 17 is upgraded to the 9th generation, which makes the max air unit more complete and comfortable to cover the cushioning of the heel, and also brings far more support than zoom air.


Nike also placed a TPU around the max air to provide more stable support for the heel and wrap the heel in the shoes more stably. Compared with the 9th generation, the max air in the heel has been upgraded in all aspects. You can see Nike's efforts in the LeBron Series in recent years!


The zoom pods in the forefoot, a new Nike cushioning system for the LeBron collection, looks like the hex zoom air that LeBron 12 began to use is integrated into the forefoot side by side, and the translucent TPU material is used as the support in the exterior wall, which ensures the cushioning of the forefoot and the stability at the same time.

Nike LeBron 17-Black/Violet