What is the design concept of lebron james shoes 17?

Lebron james shoes 17 can be said to be a new era of LeBron's original series. Almost all the technologies in this pair of shoes are brand-new. In the midsole, we have joined Nike's new Zoom Air and the classic max air. This new design method provides a new solution for LeBron James's own needs on the court. At the same time, not only for LeBron, more young players' basketball shoes, but also for a new blueprint. A new combination of foam and air cushion provides a new platform for Nike basketball shoes.


Compared with the previous generation of lebron shoes, the design of lebron james shoes 17 has become more modern, especially in the midsole. From the perspective of design and performance, what has contributed to such a change?


Because when we design this pair of shoes, we have a new air cushion technology, which enables us to inject more air into this air cushion combination, providing LeBron with good cushioning when landing in motion. At the same time, the addition of TPU in the shoe body provides a guarantee for the stability of the shoe. The combination of TPU and midsole unit makes this pair of shoes not only help athletes get more cushioning and feedback, but also provide protection in sports. In our communication with LeBron, we try to solve some problems that have room for improvement in the previous generation.


What LeBron emphasized was that he wanted to feel more air cushioning through the midsole, so we brought him a pair of shoes that could meet his needs as much as possible.


So we worked with our colleagues at NXT (Nike explore team) to develop this time a max air unit in the back foot and a set of zoom air units in the front foot. Lebron james shoes 17's midfoot is more supportive, while the back foot feels softer, which makes athletes more flexible on the field. At the same time, because of the addition of the upper knitpositite, the feeling of the feet for the package will become more obvious. This change is what we have been pursuing. The constant innovation of science and technology is the basis for Nike to reach this height. We are also honored to design a pair of such shoes for the best basketball player on the planet.


Performance is at the heart of lebron james shoes 17


What is the biggest selling point of lebron james shoes 17 in terms of performance?


When we talk about Nike, we always think of the brand's tireless pursuit of technological innovation, which is the same with LeBron James shoes 17 this time. As the best player in the league, LeBron's feedback has a very important impact on the basketball shoes in this top-level sequence. At the same time, the needs of LeBron can also represent the needs of many elite players for basketball shoes. At the same time, LeBron has always been a person who likes to break through the limits. In many cases, the product may be excellent enough, but LeBron still wants to go further, as we saw on lebron james shoes 17 this time. My function is to present the progress and change of these technologies in a piece of work, and at the same time, let everyone have a deeper understanding of LeBron through this pair of shoes. Our innovation department has been committed to making its most classic technology more up-to-date. This time, we have again put the best air cushion in such an important pair of shoes.


The cushioning performance of lebron james shoes 17 is another peak of Nike basketball shoes, and it's also what makes this pair of shoes different. We use our proficiency in air cushion technology and continuous innovation to make this pair of shoes more different from other basketball shoes on the market at present.


Lebron james shoes 17's upper is made of knitposite. How did Nike develop this new upper technology?


I first saw this material four years ago. At that time, my first reaction was that this material is very suitable for LeBron's shoes. Nike weaves this TPU yarn, and the rules are quite different from our previous weaves. At that time, we thought this material was very suitable for the manufacture of basketball shoes, and decided to place it in the LeBron series. In later research and development, we produced a lot of knitposities with different densities, tested them countless times and got feedback from LeBron. On lebron james shoes 16, we have adjusted the upper material. This knitposite can be said to be a combination of the advantages of a variety of previous materials. From the outside, it is a solid protective shell, while the internal feel of the foot is quite soft. It combines the light, durable, wrapping and other properties.


Now, Nike has made a lot of "Crazy" innovations in basketball shoes. As a designer, what do you think is the trend of basketball shoes design in the future?


In the future, the design of basketball shoes will only become more "Crazy" because of the environment and people's needs. At the same time, basketball shoes are also an expression of our feelings for basketball culture. With the help of technological innovation, Nike's basketball shoes have been promoting the boundaries of the entire industry. Now we have a good platform, and the development of shoe culture makes basketball shoes become the most concerned product. In the whole field of footwear, every brand is also committed to constantly breaking through itself and creating new products. In the future, we will also show you the height of Nike basketball shoes under the technological innovation.

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