"I don't like Kobe, but I like his shoes." I still remember the comments of a friend of Jamie's many years ago. This issue of nike kobe 4 is the most classic and well-known masterpiece in Kobe's signature shoe.


A lot of friends are not fans, but they all know that Kobe's desire to win and training input are exaggerated. ZK4 reminds you that when we play in Los Angeles, our alarm clock is set at 4:00 a.m.


In Kobe Bryant's enterprising career, a few years after the dissolution of the O'Neal O'Neal + Kobe Bryant team may be the most eager time for the black mamba to prove himself, even when he has won three titles.

 Nike Kobe 4-White/Blue

In those years, the Lakers led by Kobe Bryant didn't do well, while O'Neal won the NBA championship again at the heat, so many people said that Kobe Bryant would not win the championship without O'Neal. In 2008, Kobe Bryant ushered in Gasol, who made it to the finals in their partner's first year, but lost to Celtic. After the defeat, Bryant left a famous saying: "second place is the biggest loser."


Later, we all know the story. In 2009, Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to take 65 wins in the regular season and win the top in the west, and beat magic 4-1 in the finals. Black Mamba also won the fmvp, which can be said to be the first time he led the team to win the championship as the leader.


In terms of commemoration, this pair of nike kobe 4 is worth a decade, and it is a witness to Kobe's maturity.


Although he had been wearing No. 24 purple and gold war robe for several years at that time, so leading the team to win the championship, he really said goodbye to the hairy boy in No. 8 and transformed into an independent leader.


Recently, the joint nike kobe 4 protro and undefeated highlighted this again, with 8 and 24 printed on the right and left heels of each new color.


Co branding and emotion cards are often used to improve the vitality of the market. However, for the Kobe series, that's just icing on the cake. Hard goods like the nike kobe 4 sell well. It's ok if they are not complete.


The support of the nike kobe 4 is excellent. The Flywire strap technology of the year can not only reduce the weight of the shoe, but also firmly fix the upper. The fly line, together with midfoot anti twist and heel TPU design, makes its anti rollover more stable than many low top shoes now.


Beyond the body, the nike kobe 4 has the same outstanding sole. In terms of cushioning, the first year ZK4 adopts the configuration of forefoot lunar material + back palm zoom air unit. The hardness and softness are moderate for defenders, which can balance the needs of starting and landing. On the ground, Crystal + rubber bottom is awesome with the radial herringbone.


All in all, Kobe Bryant series may be the most versatile guard shoes among the stars. Whether you're looking for speed or stability, it gives you a satisfying answer.