Over the past decade, the nike kobe series, as one of the top shoes under the Nike brand, has always turned out to be sensational. I still remember that when Kobe IX came on the stage, the towering upper scared many people away, and the innovative flyknit upper was questioned, but like Kobe himself, this boot always used strength to shut people up. On the day of nike kobe 10's launch, I experienced this brand-new shoe with great expectations. All the previous performance guesses have been fulfilled, and the knowledge of nike kobe 10 has been put into practice on the court.

 Nike Kobe 10-Pink

Fighting will never cease.


Different from the previous elite version, the nike kobe 10 has brought us a regular version with low top. The streamlined body is full of impact and maintains the design style of this series for a long time. The first color was called "5 am flight", inspired by Kobe's famous 10 meter diving in August 2013. The deep blue represents the water in the sky at 5 o'clock in Los Angeles, and also represents Bryant's never-ending fighting spirit.


Simplified shoe upper


It is understood that part of the inspiration of nike kobe 10 comes from the iPhone, which also creates its extremely simple design style. On the upper of nike kobe 10, we didn't see the familiar flyknit and Flywire. Instead, we saw a new textile upper. In the actual test process, the vamp's wrapping is relatively mediocre, although there is no looseness, there is no dynamic fly line fit, which is a pity compared with the previous work. In addition, the upper's support and breathability are maintained at a high level.


Three medium bottom


The midsole is still the core part of nike kobe 10. As Kobe grows older, his pursuit of speed becomes a little conservative. Nike calls this speed the end of the game, like the last shot of the black mamba. The nike kobe 10's midsole consists of Lunarlon with free concept and zoom air in the back. In the actual evaluation, the nike kobe 10's forefoot is fast and flexible, which is different from the soft feel of Lunarlon in the past. The zoom air in the back foot is thick and cushioned. However, the midsole lacks sufficient support, especially the forefoot, because the application of free concept has too much bending and the foot strength is poor, there is a certain risk of injury.


Ultimate grasp


The innovative outsole pattern is the key to this nike kobe 10 emphasis, and Nike claims that it has never had such a great outsole in 43 years. This time, the shading is composed of hundreds of small particles, which are arranged in a matrix and extremely flexible. In actual combat, the grip of nike kobe 10 is particularly prominent when changing direction, and there is no sign of slipping in a wide range of lateral movement, but the performance in acceleration and emergency stop is not surprising. And in terms of durability that many people care about, I'm afraid the nike kobe 10 is hard to pass, and the tiny lines are easy to wear.


Convey courage


When asked about the nike kobe 10, many people have a hunch that this may be the last nike kobe series of boots. After all, for a 36 year old veteran, it's a good choice to end a 10-related year. However, the nike kobe 10 is just like Kobe himself. There is no sadness in its design, but more and more fierce impact on the court. I believe Kobe also expects everyone wearing his signature boots to be brave.