Mighty! Andama pushes the new UA curry 5


(Shanghai, China, May 29, 2018) basketball has always been considered a sport based on physical and physical competition. Players focus on the three-point line dribble, physical confrontation more than step jump shot, players' Sports literacy determines everything. These have remained the same for the past few decades. It wasn't until Stephen curry showed up that he finally broke the rules. Unlike his predecessors, Curie is a challenger with great hand feel and long range. In some people's eyes, he even subverted the sport.

 UA Curry 5-Yellow

People say he's not as big and burly as the other players, but he's making his way with intelligence. He dribbles nimbly, delicately and accurately, with an unrestricted three-point range. After many years, he can put three points on one hand 12 meters away from the basket to broaden his vision and make trouble for his opponent. We all think that his success is due to chance, just a little trick on the court, but he has perfectly formed a set of system, changed the basketball game, given different physique and qualification players self-confidence, and encouraged them to realize the impossibility through unremitting efforts, firm determination and unremitting will. In order to continue to break through and break the stereotypes, Kuri created a new system for this modern sport - extraordinary power.


The UA curry 5 signature shoe delivers fast and responsive performance with a lightweight, low top design. Fully knit construction with die cut cushioning and a special buckle strap system provides a comfortable fit and a premium feel that's completely accurate to the shoe. Excellent traction system, easy to start, stop and change direction on all kinds of ground quickly and freely, help Curie complete the difficult breakthrough action. The strong and innovative UA curry 5 signature shoe is new in appearance, showing the extraordinary performance of kuriwei 5.


UA curry 5 signature shoe core technology includes:


EVA cushioned midsole provides excellent foot response


• the anafoam material wraps the heel better, and the ultralight upper helps the Curie take off easily


Full knit upper with locking strap for easy on and off


The support plate of the midsole and outsole keeps the Curie lightweight


• the control area on the outside of the forefoot and the heel wraps the foot to help the court control


Weight: 334.5g


The new colors released by the UA curry 5 signature shoes have attracted much attention on the court. The upper is made of pure white and black mesh, and the red SC logo on the tongue echoes the red design of the front sole traction of the outsole. With the design of locking lace, the laces can be submerged in the material and wound back on the elastic upper to create a striking visual effect. Delicate and pure ice blue spots are dotted on the white midsole, which makes the overall outline of the UA curry 5 signature shoe simple and flexible.


UA curry 5 signature shoes are now available in stores.