Kobe Bryant's speech on stage when he was an all star was actually a tribute to his 20 years of contributions to the NBA. In my mind, this pair of shoes is the last pair of Kobe Bryant. Because this pair of shoes is the last year of his career


I think the Nike kobe11 is very good-looking on the whole, for example, the buttocks are very fat, then the ditch on this side is very large, and the forefoot is very narrow and low. It won't give me the feeling I particularly like when I get it. Later, I found that it's beautiful to see other friends wearing Nike kobe11, and I still have a little feeling for Nike kobe11.


At that time, I had set up a flag, saying that I was going to be a boy in kobe shoes. So the first thing I think about is the nike kobe 11 All Star, because the shoes before Kobe 7 can't be worn now. The shoes are easy to degumme and break the sole.

 Kobe 11 Elite Low-Light Blue/Black

Then I'll give you a brief look at this pair of shoes. The flyknit of this pair of shoes has made many upgrades. For example, the fishline design of the upper looks very classy.


Including its midsole is a direct insole. In fact, this design should be this way from the beginning of nike kobe 7, which is a insole with a thin outsole.


The midsole technology is the forefoot lunar, with a small but actually very thick zoom unit at the back. Remember that the midsole can be customized on the official website. You can add 100 yuan ID to a full-length Zoom Air Cushion version.


In fact, I personally like this function, because I think this pair of shoes is a kind of emotional display for me, rather than just when I need them, I will buy them at a relatively low price and try them. With a very Buddhist mentality, I can also accept such a kind of shoes in a relatively peaceful state of mind.