The nike kobe 12 stands out in the street!

Nike kobe ad NXT FF colorful, that is to say, nike kobe 12 basketball shoes, as a joint style shoe, is full of INS fashion fashion in the design of shape, which has long been the best choice for many fashionable and fashionable people to wear and match, and the foot can be handsome enough to explode

 Nike Kobe 12-Red

The nike kobe 12 upper is designed with gradient colors and high-quality mixed soft glue. It has a special texture, infusing a little fresh taste into the whole. It's good-looking and well matched. It's handsome and provocative, which fully explains the young and energetic atmosphere


The nike kobe 12 outsole is designed according to the principle of mechanics. It is anti-skid and wear-resistant, with strong grip. The sole and upper are made by Goodyear hand with frozen glue. It is firm and wear-resistant, with exquisite workmanship and excellent anti-skid and compression performance.


The nike kobe 12 upper is made of translucent design and color blocking elements. It's fashionable and handsome without losing any aura. The nike kobe 12 upper is made of high-quality sponge and reinforced with inner lining. It's full, generous, well wrapped, comfortable and not sultry


In terms of collocation, I prefer to choose a pair of pants and a simple jacket for work clothes. The upper body is full of a man's solemn and harmonic aura. The color contrast design makes the whole not so monotonous and incomparable. It's fashionable without losing any aura. It's good-looking and well matched.