How about the Nike Kyrie 6.

Make complaints about Nike Kyrie 6 generation of spy photos at the beginning of the year, and Kyrie 6 also burst out many color matching in recent times. Although the small partners of the online Tucao shoes are buddy, they are very well configured. Let's look at the relevant information about the double Nike Kyrie 6.

 Nike Kyrie 6-BeiJing

Kyrie recently trained in the new sixth generation of personal signature shoes, which is basically the same as the previous pictures from Pt. He has returned to the Velcro strap design. The upper is made of leather, and the midsole is still equipped with zoom turbo cushioning.


In terms of midsole configuration, Nike Kyrie 6 still maintains the former zoom turbo air unit, and there is no special cushioning technology in the heel. In the early Kyrie signature shoes, even though the cushioning is a big slot compared with the low-end shoes on the market, this phenomenon has been alleviated in the previous two generations of Kyrie signature shoes, but in my opinion, Kyrie 6 only completely follows the configuration of Kyrie 5. If the advantages of nike Kyrie 4 and Kyrie 5 can be truly integrated, zoom can be embedded while cushlon is used as the midsole carrier Turbo air cushion, will certainly appear more sincere.


Unlike most signature shoes of previous generations, Kyrie 6 has just released a pre heat pack that includes colors from 11 cities around the world: New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Tokyo, Manila and Berlin. These limited colors will be available in these cities on November 11