Nike kobe 12 is also released by nike kobe A.D

After stepping off the court in April this year, Kobe Bryant removed his identity as a player over the past few decades and moved to a new stage in his life. This is also true for his signature shoes. However, what never changes is the continuity and inheritance of Mamba spirit.


So this new generation of signature shoes after Kobe Bryant retired (yes, this is nike kobe 12), Nike and he decided to name it Kobe A.D. (after death), which symbolizes a new chapter after the end, while Kobe Bryant said A.D The concept of "the game of basketball" has been in the bud several years ago. At that time, he was thinking about whether he felt like facing death when his basketball career came to an end?

 nike kobe 12

"Just like light and darkness are one and two sides, that is life and death, where we pursue the real meaning, so I think this time point is very suitable to explain this idea. When we are near the end, there may be a little fear, but if we can find the final beauty, then I think you'd better do it." Kobe Bryant said at a conference in Los Angeles.


Combined with the concept of after death and Halloween and the day of the dead in the United States, we can see that the Los Angeles press conference has related themes on display. As they wrote in the release notice of the nike kobe series, they believe that death does not represent the end but a part of the life journey.


"Even if I don't show up on the court every day, there are people all over the world who continue to adhere to the spirit of Mamba, whether it's basketball, football or other fields, and strive to pursue excellence and achieve greatness." –Kobe Bryant。


The performance design of nike kobe A.D. (nike kobe 12) continues the series of low top style of lightweight, flexible and speed oriented, using a mesh body with dynamic Flywire to provide a fit and stability, and the midsole cushioning is made of Lunarlon material and zoom air in the heel The dual combination of air cushion unit has the effect of shock absorption and force feedback. The detailed and dense texture of the outsole will provide excellent traction. So, nike kobe 12 is a great basketball shoes