Nowadays, basketball has become more and more popular in China. There are many boys who like to play basketball, and there are more girls who start to play basketball in recent years. Well, as we all know, playing basketball must have a pair of basketball shoes that fit your feet, so that we can not only protect our feet from injury, but also improve the comfort and feeling of playing basketball. Recently, I found that my lebron james shoes 17 didn't wash, and it smelled a little bit. How can I clean the smelly basketball shoes effectively? Please look at this experience.

 Lebron James Shoes 17


Generally speaking, many boys don't wash basketball shoes often after wearing them, and put them there directly. After sweating, the shoes are dirty and smelly, and they will turn yellow and hard after a long time. What if it's not easy to clean?


The yellow and smelly lebron james shoes 17 is not only dirty, but also hard to wash. If the cleaning method is wrong, there is no way to wash it in time. So why does lebron james shoes 17 get yellow and hard? Next, I will teach you to clean the sneakers properly and remove the stink.


Method 1: Boil the glutinous rice water with lemon juice, and then wipe the edge of your shoes with a rag or soft brush. Just wipe it gently, and the white edge of lebron james shoes 17 will be clean, just like the new one.



Method 2: after washing the sneakers with high quality washing liquid, use two or three paper towels, knead them into a ball, drop 2-3 drops of dew on the paper, soak them, and put them into lebron james shoes 17. So the next time you wear it, it won't stink.


Method 3: after wearing lebron james shoes 17 every time, dip a cotton ball or cloth head with a little alcohol, and evenly smear it into the rubber and sneakers just removed. Do the same on the first night of next use, and wear it after drying in the next morning. After two weeks of this, rubber and sneakers will not stink.



Lebron james shoes 17 is a closed space, which is easy to get wet due to sweat. If you wear the same shoes for several days in a row, the shoes will not keep dry, which is easy to cause a large number of bacteria, and eventually lead to odor. In order to prevent this, after returning home, the shoes should be placed in a ventilated place, or the shoes should be dried thoroughly with a blower. If there is no time, the deodorant with door deodorant can be sprayed inside the shoes.


The preservatives in snacks (many puffed foods and dried fruits are packed in a small white bag with the words on it) are put directly in the shoes, which absorb the odor inside the shoes. But it's disposable, like taking off your shoes and putting them inside, and throwing them away the next morning when you put them on. If you want to buy a cheap nike basketball shoes, please check here to see the purchase