UA curry 6, as the 6th generation of Curie boots, has greatly improved in all aspects of performance, among which full-length cushioning technology is a great improvement to be expected, and it is also the cheapest ua curry basketball shoes

On the basis of retaining the advantages of previous generations, UA curry 6 has undergone a disruptive evolution in terms of cushioning, support and outsole! First of all, the appearance of the shoe body is set off with black and gray fluorescent colors, and the midsole is gradually presented, with a high degree of visual expression. Fabrics of different density and elastic strength, with hot-melt reinforcement injected with glitter powder, rubber and leather to create tongue and heel support and other details, strengthen different parts of the feet.

UA Curry 6 

The midsole cushioning is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the UA curry 6. After micro g and charged, the latest boots are equipped with the new cushioning black technology HOVR developed by UA. Previously, it was first used on running shoes, with remarkable elastic feedback and good reputation. This is the first time to appear in Kuri's boots, and also the first time to apply full-length HOVR cushioning technology to UA's basketball shoes. The outline of the whole outsole still follows the streamlined design language of front low and back high, which looks very fast and sci-fi. The SC logo with a huge heel is definitely a reserved program for fans of the library. It's good-looking and stylish.


Through the analysis of Curie's movement in the game by the UA biomechanics team, a new separated outsole was created. It adopts circular and longitudinal texture cross presentation to contact the ground as much as possible and increase the grip. The forepaw and back paw of UA curry 6 are designed with targeted cutouts. The exposed anti twist part is Curie signature and "I can do all things". Lattice details are especially added to the toe. The overall outsole reduces weight and improves the agility of emergency stop and start. At the same time, the texture design is relatively strong, further enhancing the wear resistance, which is very suitable for the domestic playing environment.


Do you think UA curry 6 attracts your desire for purchase in terms of beauty value?