The reason why the Kyrie series has long occupied the top three of the best selling shoes in real battle shoes is not only because of the reputation of Kyrie and the value of these shoes, but also Nike Kyrie 6 is not ambiguous in actual combat performance. Now that there are more and more practical shoes, looking back at the whole Owen series, Nike Kyrie 6 (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes)has also improved its configuration.


Nike Kyrie 6's midsole is still equipped with a zoom turbo mahjong block unit in the forefoot and Phylon in the back foot, so there is little difference between the two in the midsole configuration. But compared with the previous generations of Kyrie boots, it is clear at a glance

 nike kyrie 6

The foam material in the heel of Nike Kyrie 6 can cooperate with zoomturbo to create an excellent fit. At the same time, the height of the last from the ground is reduced by 5mm, reducing the center of gravity of the shoe, meeting Kyrie's extreme needs for starting, and providing a more agile response performance.


The Nike Kyrie 6 has a split design upper, and a large part of the actual shoes launched this year are slowly changing to split design with multiple materials. Nike Kyrie 6 still uses the middle and high top shoes favored by the actual combat party. The upper is made of soft and breathable calf leather in the heel part and engineering mesh upper in the toe part. Meanwhile, the flytrap wrapping system of Nike Kyrie 5 is canceled, and the upper is divided by the same Velcro strap design of Nike Kyrie 2 generation. All at once, the shoes are worth a lot. And the Velcro design across the foot makes the area of the buckle very large, convenient to adjust and very reliable.


However, more turning up of the outsole and hard TPU on the inside of the toe provide more comprehensive protection for Kyrie Irving and more practical parties when they carry out some "extreme operations". In addition, TPU is padded on the heel, which provides a certain amount of power and support for the Achilles tendon.


The lines on the Nike Kyrie 6 sole are no longer separate Fatima's eyes, but become more concentrated, which can improve the grip of the shoe in real life. And the tread of the sole is very deep, but the wearability is still divided into the inner court shoes.


In conclusion, Kyrie series has always been the first choice of guard shoes. No matter in terms of actual performance, beauty and cost performance, this pair of shoes is the best-selling leader in domestic online and offline platforms. This pair of Nike Kyrie 6 continues the style of Kyrie series, with flexible start and fast grip