The nike lebron 16! Many fans can't wait to get started, but this time, James' shoes are not only good for boys, but also for girls

The nike lebron 16 HFR co branded shoe is available during New York Fashion week 

For this nike lebron 16 shoe, the biggest highlight is the gold belt on the top of the tongue. When introducing this shoe, James revealed that this pair of shoes is made by women designers according to their ideas, so the role of this belt is purely for beauty, and there is no technology content in it!


Girls can't let go

In the past, LeBron series shoes are very strong, girls seldom pay attention to James's shoes, but this generation of shoes is different. With the inspiration of female designers, nike lebron 16 shoes are much more beautiful than the previous 15 generations of shoes, so girls also show a strong interest in James's new shoes.


Fashion people have tried them on

American fashion people have taken the lead in experiencing the nike lebron 16 shoes, and the praise for this pair of shoes is just like the tide. It can be predicted that once the new LeBron 16 shoes are released, there will be a new wave of rush buying. At that time, the price increase purchase will become the norm. After all, for the fans of collecting shoes, James's new shoes still have a great attraction.

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