LeBron Soldier 12 as a new shoe of James soldier series, I believe that its combat ability is what many people expect. So what about these soldiers 12? Interested may as well come to chat!

As a regional combat shoe with online combat performance, soldier series has always been regarded as "the king of performance price ratio of internal combat". How will nike lebron soldier 12 do this time?

Looking at Nike's existing mid-range practical shoe series, PG2 is sometimes said to be "not as amazing as the first generation", Kyrie series also has a "black history" of repudiated cushioning, even the oldest hyperdunk has a "hyperdunk 2015" criticized by both the cushioning and appearance value, and Kd 9's "broken tube" defect is also eye-catching Only one of these mid-range combat shoe collections (and probably one of the oldest), the nike lebron soldier, has not experienced a significant performance and appearance defect.

As the most exposed branch line on the field, soldier has always been worn by James himself. And it's just because it's been in the finals for many times (such as the latest 10 and 11 generations), plus its excellent price performance and reputation, that the soldier series has indeed become one of Nike's best in action series.

Now, the new member of this series, nike lebron soldier 12, has finally revealed its mystery. Let's take a look!

The construction of the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 (warrior 12) is "obvious": a battleknit upper similar to the LeBron 15, with a large area of coverage in the forefoot and back of the shoe, plus two straps that run through the whole shoe, creates a consistent "sense of battle". This time, in addition to the "same upper" of the LeBron 15, we can also see the shadow of "old guy" on the sneakers: the 9-generation plastic buckle (installed in the middle of the shoe in order to not be damaged as easily as the 9-belt) and the 11-generation weak malleable strap (this time, it has been widened a lot, but only near the Velcro). At the same time, the brand-new strap design also has the shadow of the classic nike zoom raid.

At the same time, the insole design of the shoes also has some shadow of the previous generation in appearance. The insole design of the shoes is a bit like warrior 9, while the outsole shape is a bit like warrior 11. In terms of configuration, warrior 12 uses a consistent front and back palm zoned zoom air cushion, which can be said to be "a great success of the previous generation".

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 Yellow