James' shoes have become the 17th generation, and become the best signature shoes of Nike except AJ series. In fact, there are rich stories and features behind each generation of James. Today, I'm going to show you the stories and features behind the most popular sneakers.

Let's take a look at the internal structure of LeBron 8.

LeBron Soldier 13

The LeBron 8 upper is made of hyperposite material, which is excellent in preventing the deformation of the upper caused by intense sports. However, the design also makes the removal and installation of laces cumbersome.


The improved vamp can reduce weight and increase the air permeability of the shoes. The material of hyperposite makes the upper and heel more stable. Inner bootie design helps increase the fit.

The reinforced coating on the toe cap is considerable. The thickest position is about 3.87mm, which increases the protection. The dynamic flying thread sewn on the inner lining extends to the middle sole, with full score of details.

The stitched frame of the inner lining can reduce the compression of hyperpoaite material on the upper of the foot.

LeBron 8 insole: made of EVA, 5mm thick, with hexagonal LBJ logo on the insole and EVA upper sole under the insole, about 2.90mm thick.

The front and back detachable outsole, arch TPU support plate and heel outsole are all hexagonal, corresponding to the hex zoom air cushion.

The air cushion of hex zoom is close to the outsole, and the color of air cushion of zoom in forefoot and forefoot is red, indicating that the position is under the most pressure.

The sole is designed with 6 hexagonal upward bulges, only 4 air cushions in fact, and the split part is Phylon midsole. The hexagonal air cushion in the heel is about 14.16mm thick and the diagonal length is about 60.22mm. The thickness of the hexagonal air cushion in the medial forefoot is about 14.92mm, and the diagonal length is about 58.17mm. The thickness of the hexagonal Zoom Air air cushion near the arch is about 10.47mm, and the diagonal length is about 43.2mm.


The thickness of the hexagonal air cushion outside the forefoot is about 9.41mm, and the diagonal length is about 33.56mm. Four hexagonal zoom air cushions weigh about 12.7g.

The arch is a TPU support material similar to the Batman logo.

The weight of TPU support plate of arch is about 14.2g, the front and back separated outsole reduces the weight, and the average thickness is about 5.12mm. 


The LeBron 8 concept makes a significant contribution to the weight of shoes. Hyperposite material increases the protection of shoes; the outsole is close to the design concept of free, adding a lot of flexibility. Unfortunately, the lace design is too cumbersome and confusing!